Top 14 Ways to Properly Store Makeup

Bringing home new beauty products from our ever-expanding collection is always exciting. However, the condition of the chest of drawers immediately makes me regret purchasing it. Have you ever had this feeling? Naturally, you have.

That can be solved with well-organized makeup storage. Your cosmetics will not only last longer after they reach their expiration date if you store them properly, but it will also keep your shelves organized and make them easy to find. Are you trying to find something?

1. Avoid moisture:

Cosmetics, unlike skin, cannot withstand moisture, so the sink should not be used to store them. Make sure your blush and eyeshadow dishes are dry because moisture encourages the spread of bacteria.

2. Never in the sun:

If you think it would be beneficial to store it in the sun, do not proceed. When cosmetics are stored in direct sunlight, their components degrade, resulting in formula splits, particularly in creams and liquid products. Instead, locate a dry, cool store it in the corner of your dresser.

3. Under Rather Than Over:

Choosing the ideal cosmetics storage location is crucial. Instead of opening it on the counter, we suggest storing it in a drawer. Open objects tend to gather dust, and direct sunlight can be harmful. For safe and well-organized storage, divide the drawers into sections for lip, cheek, face, and eye products.

4. Facilitate easy access:

Separating the cosmetics, you use frequently from those you don’t. Keep the cosmetics you use frequently readily available once this is finished. When she’s looking for lipstick, this will prevent her from making noise and disrupting everything. When you store your cosmetics in acrylic drawers and containers, dust won’t get in and everything will look great.

5. Don’t forget your brush:

Your brushes should be stored properly as part of your makeup kit. Bacteria and germs will remain in the hair if it is not washed monthly. Keep the brush upright in a cup or jar so that the bristles can deflate when stored daily.

6. Eyes on the refrigerator:

Yes, the refrigerator was what I meant. The refrigerator is the ideal storage container for elastic and refrigerated goods. Of course, don’t eat anything. The nail polish will not heat up and stick together if it is kept in the refrigerator in a ziplock bag. For additional comfort, refrigerate for 30 minutes before applying eye cream.

7. Neat Freak:

Acrylic Train Box by Caboodles Caboodles also produces train cases that are larger and more sophisticated. Six square inner trays and a black border distinguish this clear acrylic model. If you’d rather, the company also makes a similar train case with six black and multicolored trays bearing the Caboodles logo.

8. Caboodles on The Go Girl:

If you were a child in the 1980s or 1990s, you probably remember Caboodles, a well-known company that made colorful cosmetic storage cases that were sold at relatively low prices. From nearly 100 reviews, this exclusive Rose Gold Cavoodle Train Case has received an average rating of 4.1 stars. Other color combinations are available at stores like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, etc.). At the bottom, there is a lot of storage, and a pull-out drawer shows three small compartments and a mirror.

9. HBlife Lip Gloss Holder Organizer:

If you like lip gloss, the HBlife Lip Gloss Holder Organizer is a similar acrylic organizer that can hold up to 24 glosses. Brushes can also be saved.

10. You Copy Split Lazy Susan:

A lazy Susan is a rotating tray that can hold compacts, makeup tools, makeup removers, and other beauty products. It is typically found in kitchens. Clear, movable dividers on this acrylic lazy Susan make it simple to organize your makeup and accessories.

11. byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Pencil Organizer Container:

Anyone who uses a lot of eyeliner or lip liner knows how hard it is to keep makeup pencils organized. You can keep your eyeliner in a makeup bag with a zipper, but it’s not very convenient to have to look through the bag to find the product you need, especially in the morning when you’re running late.

12. Pencil organizer Acrylic Lipstick Organizer from category:

This acrylic organizer that holds 24 lipsticks is a great way to show off your lipstick collection if you’re a lipstick lover. Additionally, byAlegory provides additional storage space if your lipstick collection is quite large. We also sell lipstick organizers in two or three safeguard you.

13. The clear Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case:

A similar cosmetic storage case with four large drawers and two smaller top drawers is also produced by the brand. Both toiletry bags come in a variety of colors, from purple to diamond.

14. byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Organizer:

This coveted palette organizer allows eyeshadow enthusiasts to uprightly store ten palettes. Pallets of varying thicknesses and sizes can be organized, but the included clear dividers must first be removed. If you’d rather, you can also order two sets of pallet organizers.



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