Top 13 Budget-Friendly Beauty Brands

If you’re like me, you’ll never buy anything from Sephora. Depressingly high prices for something as simple as eyeliner.

While it’s possible to get runny mascara, clumpy foundation, and faded eyeshadow if you go with a cheaper brand, this is not always the case. It demonstrates that even with a limited budget, you can still look beautiful.

1. E.l.f.:

The term “eyes, lips, and face” refers to almost any beauty product that is less expensive. When you look at the prices of foundations and concealers, don’t be surprised. Most goods cost less than $10.

Despite the E.l.f.’s lower cost, most of its configurations are satisfactory. It’s worth a try because of the good feedback from customers and my own positive experience.

2. Nyx:

Nyx promotes its low-cost status as professional makeup. Even though it costs a little more than Elf, you can expect makeup of a higher quality.

When it comes to colors, this budget brand has a lot of choices. Palettes of lipstick, gloss, and eyeshadow come in muted and vibrant shades. On Nyx, you won’t have to break the bank to find almost anything you need.

3. Medical prescription:

Physician’s Formula is one of the best budget cosmetic and beauty brands that emphasize organic and natural ingredients, despite being a little more expensive than some of the brands on this list. Their merchandise is vegan. Even the line is there. You can’t go wrong with this brand if you want to use fewer ingredients that are hard to pronounce on your skin and save money.

For just over $20, you can get 12 naked eyeshadows. When compared to brands that cost more, you’ll love the price and quality of this natural makeup, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

4. BH Cosmetics:

You’ve probably heard of BH Cosmetics if you watch beauty videos on YouTube. Many promotions and sales are on this website. Even without discounts, product prices are always affordable.

In addition, BH Cosmetics does not compromise on quality. Pigments abound in abundance in the wonderful Take Me Back to Brazil palette. With just a quick swipe of the brush, apply vibrant shades with a space theme to your eyes.

5. Maybelline:

Maybelline is a well-known name among low-cost beauty brands. They always have the best makeup at the best prices, so you can rely on them. Maybelline is also readily available at your local pharmacy.

Because some Maybelline products work and others that don’t, it’s a good idea to try a few cheaper ones first before giving up on budget brands altogether.

6. L’Oreal:

L’Oreal is one of the major brands that you are probably familiar with, along with Maybelline.

The best brands to choose from are L’Oreal and Maybelline if you need makeup quickly. Because they are in stock almost everywhere. Feel free to combine the two brands. The other brand fills in where one brand falls short.

7. Pacifica:

Cleanliness is Pacifica’s top priority. On the other hand, Pacifica makes only vegan cosmetics and makeup. Usually, when you see the makeup that is “vegan,” you automatically think it’s expensive, but not in this case. A mask infused with B vitamins and coconut oil costs just $14.

Everything you need for your hair and makeup, including affordable cruelty-free options, can be found here. In addition, using vegan products made with only natural ingredients can make your hair and skin look even better.

8. Shany Cosmetics:

Products for both professional and amateur makeup artists are available from Shany Cosmetics. A set of seven jumbo makeup palettes and a set of 24 brush pieces cost less than $60.

For makeup artists on the go, SHANY offers rolling makeup cases and travel bags in addition to its affordable makeup sets.

9. Milan:

PETA has confirmed that Milani products are always cruelty-free. Additionally, the company offers a line of vegan products that contain no lanolin, beeswax, or carmine at all.

Products that are vegan or not are completely affordable. The brow pencils, lipsticks, and concealers won’t break the bank, and there are a lot of good reviews for them.

10. Morphe:

You might be able to connect Morphe to the polarizing makeup vloggers Jaclyn Hill and James Charles. Don’t let these influencers’ negative press hurt your impression of the brand. Despite the show encompassing these cosmetics forces to be reckoned with, their cosmetics remain unshakable.

Morphe’s products are more expensive than those of other brands on this list, but still not as much as luxury cosmetics.

11. Flower Beauty:

Drew Barrymore, an actress, started her floral beauty line to sell makeup that doesn’t use animal products for a reasonable price. We carry a wide selection of face masks, skin care products, and all the essentials for makeup in addition to providing makeup enthusiasts with brushes, cosmetic bags, fragrances, and other accessories.

Although Flower Beauty doesn’t have extensive product lists in every category, this indicates that the company is interested in every product.

12. ColorPop:

ColorPop provides original makeup games with entertaining themes. You can now play with the Birthday Cake Kit, the Strawberry Shake Palette, and the Mint Chip Kit.

On the ColourPop website, you can even make your palettes if you’re feeling creative. In one affordable palette, combine your favorite eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter.

13. Black glitter:

Makeup brands rarely pay much attention to dark skin tones. Black Radiance, on the other hand, not only ensures that people of color are properly represented but also does so at an affordable price. The medium to dark contour palette, for instance, costs just $9.

When compared to purchasing individual products, Black Radiance Makeup and Gift Sets are available in a variety of shades and offer substantial savings.



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