How To Use Long Nails to Work: Five Useful Hints

Long nails are great, but if you can’t write, they can be a problem. However, you can significantly speed up you’re typing by wearing long nails or fake acrylic nails with the help of some advice. So, how do you quickly write with your long nails?

Even at slower speeds, typing with long fingernails is the best way to improve keystroke accuracy. With acrylic false nails, your writing speed and accuracy will improve over time.

Assuming you like long fingernails, the distinction in consoles can influence your composing exactness and speed. When compared to smaller keyboards like the 60% keyboard, I found that typing was much simpler on a large keyboard.

How can long nails be used to write?

But you don’t want your long nails to get in the way of your day-to-day activities. Breaking your nails can also happen when you repeatedly hit the computer keyboard or mishandle your nails while typing.

Here typing on long-nail keyboards for phones and computers is easy with these helpful hints:

  1. Select an appropriate nail shape:

If you want to be more productive while you type, choose the right shape for your nails. Sharp and sharp nails can give you trouble. For typing on a keyboard, oval or flat-shaped nails work best.

  1. Maintain the proper posture:

Good posture is essential for avoiding strain injuries if you spend a lot of time at your desk. You must first find some solace. Select a backless chair. You also have the option of supporting your lower back with a cushion.

Additionally, the computer screen needs to be at eye level. Make the chair so high that your forearms are parallel to the ground. To allow for natural finger placement while typing, your elbow should be bent at a neutral 90-degree angle.

  1. Instead of using nails, use your fingertips:

Long nails necessitate a variety of finger angles. Short nails typically leave the hands relaxed and slightly curved, whereas false nails do not. Type with your fingertips and avoid using your fingernails on the keyboard. Additionally, typing with your fingernails is uncomfortable and can result in nail breakage.

  1. Improve typing precision rather than speed:

You might need to write more slowly if you wear acrylic nails and are used to writing quickly. It’s not easy to achieve at first, even if you want to write a certain number of words per minute. On the other hand, typing slowly can help avoid misspellings and broken nails.

Before you speed up, practice typing accurately at a slower speed. Speed is meaningless without precision. Concentrate on hitting the appropriate keys and making the appropriate inputs.

  1. Between typing sessions, take breaks:

Getting used to writing with long fingernails takes practice. Most of the time, you need to change how you type, where your hands are, and how fast you type. Your ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons will rest if you take frequent breaks.

When you get tired, get up and stretch. Use your other arm to pull your arm back and then down to loosen the tension in your wrist.

Which keyboards work best with long nails?

The key to faster typing and avoiding nail breakage is the right keyboard. I require a keyboard that is small enough to fit under long nails. Before selecting a keyboard, consider the following suggestions.

  1. Design for Ergonomics: The ergonomically planned console has sufficient room for you to sit in the right stance with your hips adjusted. In addition, the fingers can be adjusted to stop the breaking of long nails.
  2. Non-slip material: When writing, long nails tend to slip. Although many keyboards allow you to rest your fingers on the keyboard, your fingernails are unfortunately slippery. Choose a keyboard made of non-slip material when you buy one.
  3. Write in Silence: Long nails, in contrast to normal nails, produce more noise. Both you and your coworkers may find the sound to be frustrating. The best keyboard is one that does not sound when pressed hard.

The best designs for writing nails:

There are numerous designs for nails. Consider switching to a more modest design if you like your nails but don’t like the current shape. You can upgrade to a wilder, more powerful style later when you are more comfortable typing.

Square nail:

Beginning typists who prefer a funky Snap-On style will benefit greatly from having round nails. They easily blend into the world of long nails and resemble their natural form. You can begin with a slightly shorter length and work your way up to a medium length.

Square screws:

For people who spend most of their time writing, square nails are ideal. One of the most well-liked and simple nail designs. Unfortunately, attempting to write quickly and accurately presents a challenge due to the width of square nails.

Is typing slowed down by false nails?

The accuracy of the claw increases with its length. If you have artificial nails, you won’t have time to check where your braces and nails are in the first place. You may be pressing the keys with your fingers, and your fingernails could cause you to press the wrong keys by accident. As a result, there are more mistakes with longer nails.

While false nails can slow down your typing speed, you can still improve it over time.

Using a fingernail to write can be challenging. However, your productivity shouldn’t be affected by the nails you choose. So, with the right advice, you can easily find your way. You’ll get used to them over time.




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